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duply (simple duplicity)

duply deals as a wrapper for the mighty duplicity magic. It simplifies running duplicity with cron or on command line by:

  • keeping recurring settings in profiles per backup job
  • enabling batch operations eg. backup_verify_purge
  • executing pre/post scripts
  • precondition checking for flawless duplicity operation

Since version 1.5.0 all duplicity backends are supported. Hence the name changed from ftplicity to duply.


In 2006 the german computer magazine c't released the tool ftplicity under GPL2. It was a convenience shell front end for encrypted ftp backups with the python based backup tool duplicity. Shortly after major changes in duplicity broke the software and several parties released fixes on their private websites. duply started out as one of them. But soon further functionality found it's way into the patch and because the maintenance of the original author was sparsely it started as a continued project on sourceforge.

The latest version of c't ftplicity 1.2 (21.10.2009) can be found on heise.de.

Since then duply at this time still called ftplicity underwent further improvement until in version 1.5 the limitation to the file transfer protocol as only backend was removed. Because of this the project was renamed to a more generic name (not advertising ftp). duply (simple duplicity) was born.

Getting started