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Important: Please have the kindness to check if your bug or missing feature is already in the tracker by using the search function. If so, simply add your observations to the appropriate ticket. Thank you.


Please give a short description of your issue accompanied by

  1. the command line that lead to the error (add -v9 for debug verbosity of duplicity in case of a python error stack)
  2. the complete output of your duply command
  3. ideally a test case that helps to reproduce the error

Important: Do not forget to obfuscate private data (passwords,usernames,hosts ...) in all data submitted.

All steps done? Well then off you go to the duply bug tracker.

Feature requests

You think duply is missing a feature? I guess you are right :), so go on and deliver a patch ;). You can find the latest development code to modify on the code page.

You are not a developer. Well, sh*** happens. Why don't you try to become one. You should really try, because editing bash scripts is easier than you might think and will help you in your daily life on the command line.

Anyway. In case you won't/can't deliver a patch I look forward to your suggestions. Any idea is a contribution that brings duply closer to perfection. Create a new feature request on the duply feature request tracker but please use the search function first to prevent duplicate entries.